Tél : 022 321 4 123
Escort : 0848 372 678

Payment options
The parlour accepts common credit cards (with 10% surcharge), Maestro and Postcard (without extra charge).

General and legal conditions of the services offered by Venusia
Only independent hostesses offer their services at the parlour. The service contract is de facto considered as a private contract between the hostess and her client. The parlour provides a workplace and ancillary services to the hostesses. The hostess is responsible for her behavior with a client and defines by joint agreement the service delivery. The parlour accepts no responsibility with regard to the fulfillment or the completion of the hostess services. The parlour acts as intermediary between the hostess and her client in case of payments made by credit cards. The fare is transferred to the hostess for the payment of her service delivery. Fare includes VAT. The legal status of the hostesses is self-independent.

Tél : 022 321 4 123 — Escort : 0848 372 678
Salon érotique Rue Rodo 2 Genève