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Relax in our whirlpool (jacuzzi)

Venusia offers you to visit our whirl-polls, for which we created a specific room. Everything in that room has been done for you to spend an unforgettable moment (30 minutes, an hour, or more) with one or more of your hostesses. There is sufficient space in our whirl-pool for you to enjoy the session (2m wide, 2,000 liters of water). The water temperature is 36 degrees C, hot enough to be pleasant and to enjoy a long stay.

During the night, a totally new light-show will let you enjoy even more that relaxing time. The light's color will change constantly.

It is important to notice that our whirl-pool has a unique feature in what cleanliness is concerned in that kind of places in the region: It follows a specific hygienic rule (norm SIA 385/1) that guarantees a water quality and purity that will allow you to sty in it without any sanitary concerns. The water is constantly renewed and treated.

 The water is constantly filtered using a sand, then a coal filter. The pH as well as the chlorine degree is constantly watched and regulated using the most sophisticated electronic devices.


Tél : 022 321 4 123 — Escort : 0848 372 678
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